1. White Silica Gel
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White Silica Gel

  • 型号white silica gel

It is used as desiccant, moisture-proof beads, in addition to taste and a variety of adsorbents.

  1. Detailed information

Silica Gel Desiccant

   Shape : white tablet , it is first silica gel disccant for medicament and food. It is innocuity, oder free ,and safe. it has strong founction for drying and antisepsis.
   (1) it can be used for bottled medicines and foodstuffs. It is sure to keep the goods dry and prevent miscellaneous mildew growth
   (2) it can be used as packing disccant and used it for moisture-proof.
 Techincal data  as  following :




Adsorption capacity%) RH=100% 


Loss on baking%) 


Tensile strength Mpa 


Metal  (mg/kg) 


Arsenic (mg/kg) 


Plumbum (mg/kg) 


   Silica gel for packing has many different packing sizes. It can be conveniently put into the packing of various articles( for example, instruments and gauges, electronical products, leathers, shoes, foodstuffs, medicines and householdelectric appliances, etc.) in order to keep the articles from damp, mildew or rust corrosion.
   Fine-pored;Type B;Macro-pored
   [Packing Specification]
   1g 2g 3g 5g 10g 30g 50g 100g 250g 1000g
   Polyethylene compound paper, OPP plastic film, nonwoven fabric, cloth
   Other specifications may also be made advailable upon request.